Sunday, January 25, 2009

Working on Talents

Shayna got a beautiful piano for her birthday. She is so grateful to her grandma poulton her got this for her.. She has been dreaming for one forever. Now her and mom are working on devolping their musical talent to play the piano : ) We are enjoying it very much and are having a blast with it. We have had many great times together and we love playing the piano together!

Ry Ry

HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY..cant even believe that we have a 27 year old. it seems like yesterday they put him in our arms for the first time or we watched him take his first step between us. Now he is a wonderful man, full of compassion and love. We are so excited to have him coming home for a few months to help Kevin in the office with tax season. It will be fun to have three kids together again. Cody and Shayna are looking forward to having one more person to help with the chores haha : ) We cant wait!

The Last Two.. is so hard to believe that Cody and Shayna are the only ones home..the house has defintly been soo quite...They are growing up so quickly. Just the other day Kevin and I were commenting that in three very short years we are going to be empty nesters. Unbelievable how time flies by so fast.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Everyone is gone : (

The last time we had the entire family together......

Well Ryan left late tuesday night to go back to utah to go back to work...and paul and ashley decided to leave a little earlier so they left wednesday very early and they took mom with them. Mom went to go see aunt Tammy and Grandma for a few its just Dad Cody and Shayna home. Its VERY quiet we miss everyone and cant wait till the next time we see them all again