Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year Goal


2009 is almost here...can you believe it... It seems like the years have just past by so fast. We had a family night this past monday and we all set goals. I hope that we all can strive to achieve them and help one another reach their goals. We set two physical goals and two spritual goals.

1) read the Book of Mormon 5 mins a day
2) Speak kindly to others.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Christmas Letter

It has been a fulfilling year at the Ridley home with a few challenges here and there but who doesn’t have those in this day and age. We have been whittled down to just two, Cody and Shayna, in our home this past year, thus it is very quiet, almost defining it’s so quiet. Kevin is still working hard, actually harder these days with so many changes in the economy, His clients are needing to see him before tax season so he has been missed a lot around the house. He is still working with scouting at church but they have added the young single adults ages 18-30 to his responsibilities in the Stake.We have had Lynn, his Mom here with us for the last month recovering from her 3rd knee surgery this past year. I am still loving working at Cole Canyon Elementary in the resource dept. helping students that have learning disabilities. I am serving with the cub scouts as the committee chairman and love all the ladies I am working with. Once again we took our family vacation to the river-Lake Mohave for one last shebang before Skyler left on his mission. He took all his best buddies with us and it was a memorable trip.
Ryan is finishing up his schooling at Utah Valley University in Orem, and lives there full time. He has decided to take a break from Utah this Spring and Summer to go out selling with Paul and Ashley. We are all excited for his new adventure and I’m sure it will help to come back and wrap up those last few semesters of school. He still loves the sports and plays on several teams. He enjoys the winter in Utah with snowboarding and coming home to wakeboard.
Ashley’s sweet family is currently with us for the holidays and we are in 7th Heaven! Paul still is working for Northstar Alarm in Orem and will be going somewhere new this Spring to be a manager for them again. Ashley graduated from BYU last April. She is the best mom with Brooklynn. Isn’t it so wonderful when you see your children do better than you did? Little Miss Brooklynn is adorable!! She will be turning 1 in January and I can’t believe that a year is already passed. They grow even quicker when they are your grandchildren.
Skyler attended BYU last year and was kept very busy up there with BYU football. Before leaving on his mission, he was extended an invitation from Coach Mendenhall, to return to the team after his mission. He is currently serving in Manchester, England where his father served many years ago….
Cody is a Junior and has had quite the year! First he broke his collar bone last Christmas playing FB with his brothers, Then the first day of Spring football he broke it again. About 3 games into this year’s season he broke his fibula. Then the last game of the season he took a very hard hit which ended up giving him 2 lacerations to his spleen, a fractured rib, and severe contusions to his left kidney and lung. He was in the hospital for 6 days and home 2 weeks on bed rest to give it all time to heal. We are grateful for his drive and also for his strength, especially when it comes to the gospel.
Shayna fills our home with music, dance and smiles. She is a freshman, on the JV dance team and in the choir at school. We are grateful for her light she brings to all through her infectious smile. She is my helper and her daddy's little girl. Both she and Cody love attending seminary even in the wee hours of the morning.
As we come to a close of this year and look back we feel so very blessed by our Father in Heaven. We are grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. We feel so much joy that we have one of our children serving a mission in His kingdom helping to share His “good news”. We have been so blessed to have a family we love and adore. We are grateful for good friends , both far and near. May you all have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year.
Love The Ridley’s.

Suprise Suprise ...

The Bakers came down to suprise Grammy for the weekend and it was really nice to see them and very fun. Grammy loved seeing them and so did we. We played games and watched movies. It was very fun to have them here during the holiday season : )

Santa Clause Came....


This year has been a great year ! Even though it felt like christmas just snuck up on us it was an amazing christmas. We had all the family home and we got to talk to skyler. Sklyer had a english accent and he is doing great. We all enjoyed to talk to him even tough it was for a very short time. It was fun having Paul, Ashley and Brooklynn here. It was "baby" Brooklynns for christmas and it was so much fun watching her open her gifts. she did get a little overwhelmed so we had to take it slow. It has also been fun having Ryan home. With everyone home it has been not as quite but we Love it and will miss them when they are gone. We all loved our gifts and are excited to use them.

We all went to see a movie on christmas day. We saw The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, it was a great but very long movie..So the Ridleys had a great Christmas and we hope that all you guys did too : )